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Screen Printing Exposure Calculator

Finally, a FREE exposure calculator for anyone to download and use! Simply download the file, print out on a transparency film, and then start calculating your proper screen exposure times! We recommend performing the exposure test on each different mesh count you use for optimal results. Also, be sure to coat all your screens in the same way for consistent burn times.

Screen Printing Exposure Calculator

Calculating Your Exposure Time

  1. Guess how long you think it would take for your screen to burn (Ex. 120 seconds)
  2. Take that amount of time you guessed, and multiply by 1.5 (Ex. 120 x 1.5 = 180 seconds)
  3. Take your new time calculated in Step 2, and divide by 10. (Ex. 180 / 10 = 18 seconds)
  4. Tape the calculator to screen, and cover all but the first row with thick, opaque paper.
  5. Expose the screen for the amount of time you came up with in Step 3.
  6. Move the thick, opaque paper down to where it is covering all but the first 2 rows.
  7. Expose the screen for the amount of time you came up with in Step 3.
  8. Continue moving the paper down and exposing until you have reached the bottom.
  9. Wash out the screen, allow to dry, and determine which row came out best.
  10. Take the number of the best row, subtract from 11, and multiply by the number you got in Step 3. That is your correct exposure time.

Screen Exposure Calculator