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Build Your Own Workhorse Equipment Package

Build Your Own Workhorse Equipment Package
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Build Your Own Workhorse Package

Not finding the perfect package? Customize your own and get exactly what your shop needs! When you Build Your Own Package, you get huge savings (15% - 20% on average) versus buying the items separately. Also, all of our equipment packages ship for free in the contiguous US. Have questions? Give us a call at 415.400.5466 and we'll be happy to assist you in building your perfect package.

*Please note you must select a press, conveyor, flash dryer and exposure unit, but adding a washout booth and/or drying cabinet is optional.

The Mach Series II

The all new Mach Series II has been re-designed and is better than ever! Mach Series II presses now come standard with quick release, rubber coated aluminum platens, precisely milled registration fork on every print head for exact registration, and beefier print arms to eliminate pallet deflection. All Mach Series II presses also feature all heads down capability, allowing for increased production speeds with the use of additional hands on press.

This press was designed for the printer who makes their living behind a squeegee. Light enough for ease of use day in and day out, but solidly welded to provide a rigid platform for life. The Mach Series II printers are ideal for growing and high volume shops producing sophisticated designs. The large diameter, full length center shaft combined with print station support struts maximize rigidity. The precision machined cast aluminum print heads and center wheel provide the tightest registration. Combined with the tool free X, Y, and Z micro registration, this machine is the best of all worlds.

The Odyssey Series

The newly redesigned Odyssey Manual Printers are value priced industrial machines with high quality professional upgrades. While this is our “Entry Level” machine, it is unmatched in its class. The Odyssey line is ideal for start-up operations such as home-based business, sporting goods retailers and other decorated apparel companies that want to add a screen printing department. Because of its durable design, the Odyssey will not only help you begin your business, it will also remain reliable as you continue to grow. The Odyssey presses do not feature tool-free tilt adjustments like the Mach presses, however they do still come equipped with precise micro registration print heads, tool-free off contact adjustment, and even come standard with quick release, rubber coated aluminum platens.

Odyssey Benchtop Models

This is our most popular table top manual screen printing machine. This bench model manual screen printing press gives you 4 color capability at a budget price while being the most sturdy and durable bench manual screen printing machine on the market. Great for on-site screen printing at raceways, sporting events, trade shows, concerts, fairs and any other place that people gather. This screen printing machine is ideal for printing single color jobs on shirts, sleeves, tote bags, name drops, tagless labels, etc. without interrupting your large production screen printing machines. Add a cap, jacket or vacuum attachment and convert this machine into a dedicated special purpose screen printer.

The Powerhouse Series II

These premium conveyor dryers work great with all ink types (yes, including water based and discharge), and operate at industrial rated production speeds sure to keep up with multiple manual presses or a high production automatic. The control center is managed via a touch screen tablet which allows you to easily set dryer temp, belt speed, and even create and choose pre-sets for your most common used garment types! A ground up redesign of the air handling system now offers a powerful yet controllable air flow that can easily be adjusted for whichever type of ink you're using at a given time. The base model comes with 3 height-adjustable ceramic infrared heat panels, and for even higher production needs you can upgrade to a 4 panel model for just over a thousand dollars more. To summarize, the all new Powerhouse Series II efficiently cures all ink types, gives you touch screen control, adjustable height heaters, adjustable air volume, and upgrade options for any production requirement. There simply isn't a better conveyor dryer out there at this price point.

Powerhouse Quartz

In contrast to competitive dryers which offer only narrow belts and minimal wattage, Powerhouse's wider belt widths and more powerful ovens let you achieve maximum production rates. Plus, with a flip of the switch, Flash Phase speeds production by raising garment and ink temperatures more quickly. Flash Phase fully powers the first heat zone while the remaining heat zone is controlled by digital temperature control. Powerhouse's medium wave IR element transmit heat more quickly than conventional ceramic panels. The turbo air-knives turn quick-curing IR heat into gentle convection heat for curing bulky items such as sweat shirts and jackets. Heated air recovery draws preheated air from beneath the belt and returns it to the oven area for energy efficiency. Adjustable oven doors help retain oven temperature. Additionally, the removable oven hood provides easy access to the interior oven for regular cleaning. The 4-point belt tracking makes it easy to set up your dryer and extends belt life. Optional add-on in-feed and out-feed facilities garment loading and unloading when running multiple printing machines.

Odyssey Compact Models

The Odyssey CD 227 Compact Dryer is the most productive and economical 7 foot dryer in the industry. Offering variable controls for temperature and belt speed, this dryer provides detailed curing adjustments for the different ink types, coverages and garments. Output ratings of 150 plus shirts per hour (based on a full size image), while taking up less than 8 foot of floor space make this a high powered curing solution for any budding screen printer. This compact conveyor dryer enables you to produce professional, long lasting images with even a limited space or budget. The wide 20" belt facilitates garment loading while the large and powerful IR heat panel helps achieve fast belt speeds to cure 100 pieces per hour. The double wall construction and adjustable oven doors retain oven heat while the power exhaust helps remove fumes from your shop.

Lumitron LED Exposure Units

Workhorse Lumitron LED exposure units deliver extremely fast, uniform and high resolution exposures using long lasting LED light strips. In addition to the fast exposure times and fine line detail, these units will reduce your set up times, energy costs and overall cost of ownership. Unlike expensive metal-halide bulbs that require regular replacements, run at high temperatures and require startup and cool down time, the LED strips operate at much lower temperatures, can last over 50,000 hours and start and stop immediately with the touch of a button. Workhorse has also taken the lead by offering their line of exposure units at the most affordable price on the market.

Available in 3 sizes:
20"x24" - Tabletop model that fits up to a 20x24 frame
25"x36" - Tabletop model that fits up to a 25x36 frame
34"x50" - Freestanding model that fits up to 2, 23x31 frames side by side

Super Seca Flash Dryers

The Super Seca is the most economical and functional Flash Curing Unit within the screen printing industry. Keeping within the Workhorse tradition, the Super Seca complete flash unit is built to last and will deliver the daily dependability that every print shop needs. This exceptional flash drying unit features a 10 Year Heating Element Warranty, 360 Degree Head Rotation, Adjustable Height, Infrared Heat Panel, Energy Reflectors for Enhanced Edge Curing, Sturdy 5 Leg Base, and an On / Off Switch for easy handling.

Available in 5 models:
16" x 16" - 110v, 1600w
18" x 18" - 110v, 1950w
18" x 18" - 220v, 2500w
18" x 24" - 220v, 3000w
24" x 24" - 220v, 4000w

Wash-It Washout Booths

The Wash-It Screen Wash-Out booths are ideal for screen developing and reclaiming in small and medium sized shops. With large screen size capacities, steel construction and translucent back windows, the Wash-It washout booths are both extremely durable and functional. Workhorse Wash-It washout booths are 24" deep, 72" tall, and are available in two widths: 36" and 52". The smaller model can fit up to a 25"x36" screen, and the larger unit can fit 2, 23"x31" screens side by side.

SD-10 10 Screen Drying Cabinet

The SD-10 10 screen drying cabinet is designed to eliminate problems associated with the screen preparation process. Problems such as dust and foreign materials caught in the emulsion creating pinholes, the application of block out and additional labor costs to repair these pinholes and imperfections, and inconsistent drying times to name a few. The SD-10 will save you time, money, and improve your overall screen quality. Its versatility to hold a variety of screen sizes, function as a perfect stand for most bench model exposure units, and affordable price, make the SD-10 10 screen drying cabinet an ideal addition to any print shop.

Warranty Information

- Workhorse Odyssey and Mach manual presses have a lifetime warranty. Springs, hog rings, nylon bolts, pallets and casters are not included in warranty.

- Workhorse Super Seca Flash dryers have a 15 year warranty. Casters are not included in warranty.

- Workhorse Odyssey Compact, Powerhouse Series I and Series II conveyor dryers have a 1 year warranty. Ceramic heat panels found in Odyssey Compact and Powerhouse Series II dryers have a 5 year warranty. Quartz bulbs found in Powerhouse Series I conveyors are not included in warranty.

- Workhorse exposure units have a 2 year warranty. Vacuum blankets, glass tops and UV bulbs are not included in warranty. LED bulbs found in the Workhorse LED units have a 5 year warranty.

- Workhorse Wash-It washout booths have a 1 year warranty.

- Workhorse SD-10 drying cabinets have a 2 year warranty.

- All warranties are non-transferrable.

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The Screen Maker Starter Kit The Ultimate Plastisol Printing Supply Kit CCI EnviroLine Green Chemical Starter Kit - Quarts

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