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Monarch Ultra Low Temp 100% Poly Plastisol Ink - Yeti ULT II White - Gallon
Monarch Ultra Low Temp 100% Poly Plastisol Ink - ULT II Yeti White


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Monarch Ultra Low Temp 100% Poly Ink - ULT II Yeti White

ULT stands for "Ultra low temperature". This ink will cure as low as 280°F for the best energy savings, dye blocking, and shrink prevention. Monarch's new ULT II has all of the same characteristics that made the original ULT so popular; soft hand, stretchable, bleed resistant, very opaque, extremely bright white, and works well on virtually all fabrics. The only difference between the ULT and the ULT II is that we have formulated the ink to have a shorter body for easier printing on a manual presses, number presses, and higher mesh counts. If you are looking for a low temp ink for athletic apparel, that is light weight, highly bleed resistant, and doesn't feel like you are printing a thick, heavy patch of ink or armor on your shirt, then look no further.

Ink Characteristics:

  • High Opacity
  • Whitest White on the market today
  • High Bleed Resistance
  • No Ghosting
  • Ultra Soft Hand
  • Light Weight with good drape
  • Universal - print on virtually any fabric
  • Shorter body making it easier to print with on a manual press

*Please note, whenever printing on a material with a waterproof coating, CLA-100 should be added to the ink to ensure proper adhesion. We always recommend doing a wash test prior to production.


Use a squeegee blade with a sharp edge and a minimum durometer of 80 or a 70/90/70 triple durometer. Too high of a squeegee angle will result in ink not shearing through screen properly.


ULT II should be stored between 75-95 degrees. If ink gets cold and stiffens up, use curable reducer to soften the ink up when cold, or use a drill mixer to warm and loosen it up.

We recommend storing used ink in a separate container from fresh ink to prevent the fresh ink from hardening over time. Used ink should be used as quickly as possible as it can start to harden


All of our plastisol inks can be easily cleaned up with any of our plastisol ink cleaners.

  • Non-Drying. Plastisol inks wont dry in your screen making them great for printers who don't have high-volume capabilities.
    Phthalate Free! Safe for use on kids garments.

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