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USED Photosharp Exposure Unit (IN-STORE PICKUP ONLY)
Workhorse Photosharp Screen Exposure Unit - 25" x 36"

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This exposure unit has a recently replaced halide bulb, but the vacuum blanket has definitely seen better days. It still works, but you may consider getting it replaced if you're burning tons of screens and have the need for speed.

Workhorse Photosharp Screen Exposure Unit

The PhotoSharp Screen Exposure Unit's performance is simply unmatched. PhotoSharp Screen Exposure Unit's offers the Highest Resolution, Fastest Screen Exposure Times and Longest Lamp Life. The small focused lamp reflector maximizes image resolution. The shuttered lamp system provides faster exposure times by eliminating the warm up time associated with instant start systems and extends the lamp's life by reducing the number of lamp strikes. The dual-spectrum lamp is spectrally matched with both diazo and photopolymer sensitized emulsions for maximum speed and flexibility. The Two-Part Cabinet design enables this unit to fit through a standard doorway.

Shuttered Light System

Metal Halide lamps expose the fastest once they've been warmed up, which usually takes about a minute. Most other metal halide exposure units are "instant starting", which really means each time you go to expose you have to flick the light on. This leads to longer exposure times since the first minute of exposure the light is still warming up, and also leads to decreased bulb life since it's the striking of the light that causes it to wear down. The Workhorse Photosharp far surpasses these other inferior exposure units with its advances shuttered light system. The metal halide bulb is housed in a small box with a retractable lid, which automatically pulls back and reveals the light the second you press the expose button. This is key because the second you press the button, the light is already at full power and thus you get the fastest exposure time possible. Also, by having the light stay on in the small box, you only have to strike the bulb once a day, resulting in a much longer bulb life span

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  • Dimensions: 55" Wide / 40" Deep / 40" Tall
  • Fits Screens 25" x 36" and Smaller
  • 1000 Watt Metal Halide Light Source
  • Dual-Spectrum, Shuttered Light Source
  • Digital Auto-Shut-Off Timer with Auto-Repeat Function
  • Easy Cleaning / Maintenance
  • Extra Large Screen Capacity
  • Durable Hold-Down Blanket
  • Powerful Vacuum Hold-Down
  • Two-Part Cabinet, Easy Installation
  • Power Requirements:
  • Model 11600B - 115VAC , 50-60 Hz, 15amps
  • Model 11601B - 230VAC , 50-60 Hz, 10amps

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