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Artwork Questions
Can I put multiple designs on one screen?
  You sure can! Each screen that we use for burns has a specific image area that can be filed as much as you would like with your design.  Two designs usually can fit together within the usual space allotted, one placed towards one “top” and then spin the second image around and place near it’s “top”.  It’s a great idea to just make your digital canvas the size of the allotted image area of the screen you are choosing and lay it out that way.  Technically you can fill the space with however many designs you would like but at a certain point too many things in random places can make it difficult to print any of the designs so do be sparing and don’t try to do too much. When dealing with several multiple color designs it’s a great idea to bunch up similar colors so that the screen doesn’t have to be completely color changed when doing either of the designs.
How should I format my artwork files?
  The ideal artwork files we can receive are .PDF at 300 dpi set to the exact size as they are to be printed.  We can work with other files like .AI, .JPG, .PNG, .PSD, .EPS,  but often these files are either too low in quality, aren’t compatible with other versions of the software, or alter in electronic transit.  Any notes about artwork can be added to the note field located just below the uploader on the payment confirmation page.  
 If you have any needs to get your artwork to its final print stage like color separations, cleanup, or starting from scratch, we recommend trying COPYARTWORK.COM.  They have a very quick turnaround and can clean up and prepare files for print easily.  Any file they prepare for you can be then uploaded when you order any screen burn or film output.  Things like simple half toning, slight resizing, or quick level adjustments can be handled here at Anthem once your order and art are received along with any notes you’ve got about your needs.  If for any reason we think that your image needs some more work and it best that we take care of it, we have an artwork fee of $60 an hour with 1 hour minimum. We never edit artwork that may require a fee without notifying client first and a mockup will be delivered via email for review before we finalize any artwork edits unless expressly denied by client.
Where do I upload my artwork?
  If you are ordering film outputs or pre-burned screens and wondering where you upload your artwork, it's actually the very last step of the process. Once you have added your desired items to cart and paid for your order, the payment confirmation screen will also have an artwork uploader and field for notes. Upload however many files as you have for screens you’ve purchased and it’s always a great idea to let us know your print details. Image size (excluding any white space around your image), placement requests, and type of printing can all help us double check all your choices make sense for the print job. If you missed the uploader at checkout you can contact us at, but note that we do not accept orders via email!