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DC-Plus Dual Cure Diazo Emulsion - Blue - Gallon

DC-Plus Dual Cure Diazo Emulsion - Blue


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DC-Plus Dual Cure Diazo Emulsion - Blue

ProChem DC-PLUS is a fast drying and faster exposing dual cure photo-emulsion compatible with all ink systems. It is highly resistant to Solvent inks, UV ink systems, Plastisol, and short run Water Based inks. ProChem DC-PLUS also has a very high solid content which makes for stronger durability and better resolution. Diazo is added normally, first by adding room temperature water, agitating, and then adding the solution to the emulsion. Allow the emulsion to stand for at least 2 hours to ensure any air bubbles introduced during mixing are released. Reclaiming ProChem DC-PLUS is easy with our emulsion removers, which are available in concentrate or ready-to-use formulas.

*Always handle photo emulsions in light safe conditions and make sure to store in a cool dry place.

Features & Benefits:

  • Great for screen printers using solvent and uv inks.
  • Also works well with plastisol inks and short run water based jobs.
  • Outstanding resolution and edge definition with 38% solids content.
  • Includes Diazo sensitizer and wood mixing paddle.

Mixing Instructions:

Before use, Diazo must be added and allowed to activate emulsion.

  1. First, add room temperature distilled water to the Diazo mixture and agitate.
  2. Once dissolved, add the water and Diazo solution into the emulsion and mix thoroughly.
  3. Allow emulsion to stand for at least 30 minutes to ensure any air bubbles are released.

*Always use the entire bottle of Diazo for the entire container of emulsion, the ratio has been specially selected for proper chemistry.

Exposure Times:

*Exposure times are approximate.

  • 500 Watt Halogen - 10-12 minutes
  • Unfiltered UV Black light - 3-4 Minutes
  • Metal Halide - 200-240 Light Units
  • To dial in your exposure time, we suggest running a Step Wedge test with our Free Exposure Calculator.

Shelf Life & Handling:

  • Unopened/Unmixed: 6 months
  • Opened/Mixed: up to 6 weeks
  • Always use distilled water to mix the Diazo sensitizer.
  • Keep in a cool, dry place. Emulsion will break down much faster in heat.
  • Keeping emulsion in a fridge can help to give a slightly extended shelf life, however, emulsion that has gotten to the point of freezing will no longer work properly and must be replaced.
  • Keep the emulsion lid on tight to preserve air and light leaks.
  • Gently mix the emulsion each time before use to help extend the life.
  • To ensure best results, date your emulsion once mixed and keep an extra container on hand once the emulsion is about to expire.

*Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity can cause emulsion to expire more quickly.

*When ordering during cold months, try to avoid shipping over the weekend to prevent product from freezing. This can be done by placing an order earlier in the week, or choosing expedited shipping that will get it in hand before the weekend.

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