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Flash Dryers

All of our flash dryers come standard with high quality infrared heat panels for even heat distribution throughout the panel. Less expensive flash dryers with coil heating elements are not a great idea as they produce many cold spots and don't evenly cure your prints.
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Which flash dryer is right for you?

Step One: Identify the power source you have available, 120V or 240V. Keep in mind that a typical household has a 120V oulet rated at 15 amps.
*Check with your electrician if you have questions about your power lines and power outlets.

Step Two: Identify the size of your platen. Typical sizes are 14", 16", and 20."

Step Three: Choose a nominal element size (hot face) at least 2" larger than your platen. This will best assure you can flash your largest image.

Step Four: Decide how fast you want to flash your impressions. A higher wattage heater has more power, meaning that it will get hotter and flash faster.

Finally: Choose any accessories for the heater, such as stands, heat controls, and auto/manual swing devices.