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Discharge Ink

Ever seen a black shirt with a print so soft you couldn't even feel it? If so, that shirt was most likely printed with discharge ink. Discharge ink, when mixed properly with activator and heat cured, removes the dye from the garment resulting in an ultra soft print that will last forever. While discharge ink can be properly cured with a standard flash dryer or compact conveyor dryer, larger conveyor dryers and forced air flash dryers work best.

Tips for printing with discharge ink:

  • Discharge ink only works properly on dark, 100% cotton garments.
  • Some colors don't always turn out so well. Namely royal blue and purple.
  • Certain shirt styles discharge better than others. Proper testing is key.
  • Once activated, discharge ink has a pot life of around 8 hours. Make sure to only mix the amount needed for the job you're printing.
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