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Allureglow USA Pink HSA Water Based Reflective Ink - Gallon
Allureglow Pink HSA Water Based Reflective Ink
Color can vary due to the illuminized reflective beads used to manufacture these inks.

Ships from Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 Please allow a 1-2 day lead time for processing.

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Allureglow USA Pink HSA Water Based Reflective Ink

Outshine your competition through the power of Allureglow USA HSA Reflective Inks, the first HSA water based reflective inks on the market. This groundbreaking water based reflective ink is Nike RSL approved, and unlike other reflective ink systems, it requires no coupler for bonding on most substrates and garments. This reflective waterbase HSA ink also has an extremely soft hand. Allureglow USA displays extremely high reflective qualities when exposed to a concentrated beam of light, such as a headlights or flash photography. Easily print on cotton and cotton blends, and simply add Allureglow USA Crosslinking Additive to lower curing temperatures for application on heat-sensitive materials such as polyester and nylon.

With this ink, we recommend not using an underbase. Print / flash / printing directly on to the substrate will achieve best opacity and reflectivity.

Curing Instructions

Printed fabric should be cured for a minimum of 90 seconds at 360°F. Ideally, printed fabric should be cured for three minutes at 300-320°F. Airflow is crucial to remove steam outside of dryer chamber. If your conveyor dryer does not have forced air and proper ventilation, gates should be opened as high as possible to help allow steam from escaping, and ink to reach a full cure.

Storage and Clean Up

Keep containers tightly sealed, and store in a cool, well-ventilated area. Ink should be removed from screen as soon as printing is completed. Water based inks can typically be easily cleaned with just water. If ink is allowed to dry on screen or other surface, you can use one of our water based ink cleaners.

  • Nike RSL Approved
  • HSA water based formula provides excellent printability
  • Wash-fastness for long-term durability
  • Print on cotton, cotton blends, and pair with Crosslinking Additive for synthetic fabrics
  • Extremely reflective when exposed to concentrated light
  • No coupler required for bonding on most substrates and garments
  • Same soft feeling and appearance of water based ink under normal light conditions

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