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Wholesale Application

Want to save 10% off supplies, 5% off equipment, and not pay sales tax? Fill out the form below to apply for a wholesale account!

*Filling out the form does not automatically grant you access to wholesale pricing. We must first review the form, ensure all the information provided is accurate, and then adjust your account manually in our system. Please allow up to 4 business days for processing. Once you have been approved for wholesale pricing we will send a welcome email with everything you need to know.

DISCLAIMER: As you complete the state reseller permit, please be reminded that this certificate should only be used to exempt tax on items that you will resell, or items that are used in any new item that you will resell. If you use this certificate to exempt tax on items used in the normal course of business that are not considered resold, please verify with your state to see if these items need to be reported as USE taxable purchases on your state sales tax return.

By submitting this resale permit, I understand that Anthem Screen Printing will classify me as a resale customer and all consumable purchases will be taxed exempt. I understand that it is my responsibility to submit any state or local use tax on items I may purchase that are not resold.