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Workhorse Auto Presses

With an automatic press, print production rates sky rocket while labor costs decrease! Think about never having to push or pull a squeegee again... sounds great, doesn't it? Not only do auto presses save time and money, they also drastically improve print quality. Since the printing is automated, every print will be just like the one before it. Level up production with a true workhorse.
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Which auto is right for you?

Workhorse Freedom Express Auto Screen Printing Press

Freedom Express

The Freedom Express is hands down the best entry level automatic screen printing press on the market and the greatest value for anyone entering the world of automatic printing. Compatible with 20x24 frames, it makes an easy jump from manual to automatic.

Max Screen Size: 20"x28"
Max Print Area: 15"x15"
Print Heads: Pneumatic (Air-Driven)
Indexing: Pneumatic (Air-Driven)

Workhorse Cutlass Series Automatic Screen Printing Press

Cutlass Series

The Cutlass is an automatic screen printing press designed with the everyday rigors of your print shop in mind. The Cutlass offers practical, easy to use pneumatic printheads driven by a powerful, efficient and precise electric indexing system.

Max Screen Size: 25"x36"
Max Print Area: 20"x20"
Print Heads: Pneumatic (Air-Driven)
Indexing: Servo (Electric)

Sabre Series

The Sabre Series has revolutionized the automatic screen printing press with its integration of touch screen control, Workhorse OS, and high-quality design. Its electric indexing and electric print heads yields the best quality prints and fastest production.

Max Screen Size: 25"x36"
Max Print Area: 20"x20"
Print Heads: Servo (Electric)
Indexing: Servo (Electric)

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