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CCI D-Powder Discharge Activator Agent - Quart (2 Pounds)

CCI Discharge Activator Agent - Quart (2 Pounds)

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CCI D-Powder Discharge Activator Agent - Quart (2 Pounds)

D-Powder is the activating component for use with discharge inks and bases. This activator must be mixed into a discharge base in order for discharging to take place. D-Powder discharge activator comes in a crystal/powder form and is sold by the pound. Activator agent should be mixed into your discharge ink or clear base at a mixing ratio of 3-6%.

Different percentages of the activator will affect the discharge results; increase or decrease in order to achieve desired brightness. Mix only enough for current production requirements. Once activator is mixed into discharge ink, the ink should be used within 8 hours.


Always pre-test for complete cure, durability, and other specific requirements. Not all fabrics are dyed with dischargeable dyes. Pigments must be stable with the discharge activator. Not all pigments will discharge properly. Certain chemical residues may remain on the printed fabrics. Fabric printed with D-Base should be either washed before packaging, or labeled accordingly to alert the buyer or customer that the garment should be washed prior to use.

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