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Permaset Aqua Standard Ink - Print Paste (Extender) - 1L
Permaset Aqua Standard Ink - Print Paste (Extender) - 1L


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Permaset Aqua Print Paste (Extender)

This can be added to any Permaset ink (or any waterbased screen printing ink, really) to lower the opacity of the ink. The more you add to the ink, the more transparent it will be when printed. This is great for doing overlapping colors or for doing tonal prints. This is a curable extender so you should be able to add as much to the ink as you want without affecting its curing properties, but as always, wash-testing is recommended before large production.

Reductions With Print Paste

Permaset Aqua Standard inks are extremely high in pigment. Tints can be easily achieved by mixing Permaset Aqua inks with Permaset Aqua Print Paste. Below are reductions ranging from 100% Pure Permaset Aqua Ink, all the way down to just 0.1% Permaset Aqua to 99.9% Permaset Aqua Print Paste.

Curing Instructions

Printed fabric should be cured for a minimum of 90 seconds at 360°F. Ideally, printed fabric should be cured for three minutes at 300-320°F. Airflow is crucial to remove steam outside of dryer chamber. If your conveyor dryer does not have forced air and proper ventilation, gates should be opened as high as possible to help allow steam from escaping, and ink to reach a full cure.

Storage and Clean Up

Keep containers tightly sealed, and store in a cool, well-ventilated area. Ink should be removed from screen as soon as printing is completed. Water based inks can typically be easily cleaned with just water. If ink is allowed to dry on screen or other surface, you can use one of our water based ink cleaners.

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