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Franmar Biggie Scrub Pad Case - 24 Pack

Franmar Biggie Scrub Pad Case



Pad Color

It's good to have differently colored scrub brush pads to differentiate which brush is used for which chemical. (ex: red for emulsion remover, blue for degreaser, white for ink cleaner)


Franmar Biggie Scrub Pad Case - 24 Pack

It's always best to replace the pad on your scrub brush about once a month, or whenever it starts getting funky or too thin. The better you take care of these, the less frequently you will have to replace them. We recommend rinsing off your pad thoroughly after each use, and to use designated scrub brushes for designated screen chemicals.

Choose Pad Color

Our scrub pads come in 3 colors: red, white, and blue. While the primary reason for the different colors is so you can easily keep track of which pad is for which chemical to avoid chemical cross-contamination, the three colors also have a slightly different texture or stiffness:

  • White pads are the softest and least abrasive.
  • Red pads are a medium stiffness and the most popular.
  • Blue pads are the stiffest and most abrasive.
*Important: Scrub pads are designed for use in the reclaim process and are not recommended for simple color changes where preserving the emulsion stencil is desired. For color changes and cataloguing screens, try one of our on press cleaners.

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