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The Rock Paper Squeegee DIY Poster Printing Kit
The Rock Paper Squeegee DIY Poster Printing Kit

12" x 16" Max Image AreaTurnaround time is 2-4 business days

*Pre-burned screens are custom items and non-returnable.

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Price With Options: $164.99


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The Rock Paper Squeegee DIY Poster Printing Kit

The Rock Paper Squeegee DIY Poster Printing Kit comes with everything you need to start printing posters and other flat stock media right out of the box. This kit comes with two water based acrylic inks which are air drying and great for printing on paper, cardboard, wood and more. Simply upload your own image on the order confirmation page, and we'll send you the screen ready to go along with the other essential screen printing items needed to start printing right away.

What's Included

  • 20x24 Pre-burned Screen (12"x16" Image Area)
  • Set of Hinge Clamps (screws not included)
  • 14" 70 Durometer Squeegee w/ Wood Handle
  • 8 oz. jar of Black Acrylic Poster Ink
  • 8 oz. jar of Red Acrylic Poster Ink
  • 8" Ink Spatula With Flexible Blade
  • Quart of EnviroSolv Waterbased Ink Cleaner
  • Can of Eco-Mist Spray Adhesive
  • Roll of White Economy Screen Tape

Screen Details

Our 20"x24" screens have a 12"x16" Max Image Area. If a larger image is needed, please view our larger screens.

The emulsion we use on our pre-burned screens holds up extremely well to plastisol, water based, and discharge inks. Our top of the line exposure units are equipped with vacuums and single point metal halide bulbs, ensuring an extremely crisp image with maximum detail and clarity.

*Please refer to our artwork requirements before sending us your artwork. Art files that do not meet our requirements are subject to a $50/hr. artwork fee (we will notify you beforehand if any artwork charges will need to be applied).

Selecting Mesh Count

General Tip: Lower Mesh = More ink, less detail - Higher Mesh = More detail, less ink

  • 200 Mesh - Good for printing large blocks of color on paper. Also work well for printing on fabric and more textured material like cardboard.
  • 230 Mesh - The most common mesh count for printing on paper. Very crisp lines, can handle high detail, and easy to work with.
  • 280 Mesh - We only recommend this mesh count if your designs are extremely high detailed or use very thin lines.

Still not sure which mesh count to choose? View tips on choosing the right mesh count.


  • When/Where do I upload my artwork?
    After you add your screens of choice to your cart and check out, you will be directed to an order confirmation page with an artwork uploader. Upload your artwork file/s to this form, put your Order # in the specified field, and add any specifications you'd like us to know about.
  • How should I format my artwork?
    Please refer to our artwork requirements found here.
  • How large can my image be?
    Our 20"x24" screens have a max "Image Area" of 12"x16". This is the total space available for your artwork to fit in to, and should be the canvas size of the artwork you upload with your order.
  • Can I fit multiple images on my screen?
    Absolutely! You can place as many images as you want in the allotted "Image Area" for your screen size. Just keep in mind that the more images you have burned on the screen, the more taping you will have to do and the more difficult it will be to print with.
  • Why is the image area much smaller than the screen?
    The screen dimensions include the actual frame, which consists of 1.5" walls. This means an 20"x24" screen actually has a 17"x21" inner dimension. Your image should be at least 2.5" away from these inner walls of the frame to allow room for your squeegee, ink, and areas of mesh that are too taught, which brings the max printable area of an 20"x24" screen down to 12"x16". These same basic principles apply to all other screen frame sizes.
  • How long will the image on my screen last?
    As long as the screen is used and cared for properly, the burned image should withstand thousands of prints. Use screen chemicals sparingly, keep mesh away from sharp objects, don't scrub screen with extremely rough surfaces, etc.
  • How long will it take for my kit to ship?
    Orders placed before 4pm (PST) are ready to ship within 2 business days, as long as the print ready artwork is also received by 4pm.

Product Accessories
Speedball Screen Retarder Base - 8 oz. The Screen Maker Starter Kit Speedball Acrylic Ink - White - 8 oz. Speedball Acrylic Ink - Peacock Blue - 8 oz.




Speedball Screen Retarder Base - 8 oz. The Screen Maker Starter Kit Speedball Acrylic Ink - White Speedball Acrylic Ink - Peacock Blue - 8 oz.

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