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Triangle Plastisol Ink - Low Bleed Opaque Glacier White - 5 Gallon

Triangle Ink - Low Bleed Glacier White


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Triangle Ink - Low Bleed Opaque Glacier White

This is simply the creamiest, most opaque white there is! It's also a low bleed ink so it works great on 50/50 cotton/polyester blends as well as 100% cotton tees. Glacier White is specifically formulated to prevent all types of dye migration on cotton/poly blends. Excellent results when printing on Fleece goods as well. Glacier White works exceptionally well through mesh ranges of 90 through 230, and is a premier product for use as an underbase. It will provide a very smooth surface for overprinting colors. Quick flash, creamy and reliable. Seriously, give Glacier White a shot and we're sure you'll be hooked!

*Please note, whenever printing on a material with a waterproof coating, CLA-100 should be added to the ink to ensure proper adhesion. We always recommend doing a wash test prior to production.


While these inks do have low bleed properties, they still cure at a temperature of 320F. Adding a low cure additive is recommended when printing on materials with a high content of polyester to stop dye migration. For best dye blocking properties, we recommend print/flash/printing for a thicker ink deposit. Failure to properly cure is the primary reason for ink adhesion failure. Thick ink deposits require more energy (longer dwell time) to cure. Dark colors absorb heat and cure faster than light colors.


All of our plastisol inks can be easily cleaned up with any of our plastisol ink cleaners.

  • Non-Drying. Plastisol inks wont dry in your screen making them an ideal choice for screen printers who don't have the capability to print in high volume.

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