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Vastex Rotary Table w/ 15"x17" Pallets for F-Series Flashes
Vastex Rotary Table for F-Series Flashes
*Flash Dryer Not Included

Ships from Bethlehem, PA 18015 Please allow a 1-2 week lead time for this item to be manufactured.

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Vastex Rotary Table w/ 15”x17” Pallets for F-Series Flashes

The Vastex Dual Rotary Pallet Adapter allows you to turn your Vastex F-100 or F-1000 flash unit into a low cost 'conveyor' dryer. After loading a garment on one of the ventilated steel pallets, simply rotate it into the heater zone. Load another garment onto the other ventilated pallet and, when the first garment has cured, rotate the adapter 180° to cure the next garment, and so on. Remove one pallet within seconds and you can flash and cure with the same unit by swinging the head.

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