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CCI WB-Retarder - 4x1 Gallon Case

CCI WB-Retarder 4 Gallon Case

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CCI W-Base Clear Waterbase Base / Extender - Gallon Case

CCI's WB-Retarder is a formaldehyde-free additive designed to extend the screen life of water based ink during production printing. It is compatible with water-based and discharge ink systems. WB-Retarder can be used to thin and slow down the air drying process of the ink, which especially comes in handy for printing water based inks through a high mesh count such as a 230 mesh or higher. It is also very useful on hot days or when there is a lot of air-flow, from fans or ventilation systems, blowing across the screens. Also useful when printing in higher altitudes. Add 3-5%, by weight, directly into the water-based ink. Over 5% will slow down and lengthen in curing times or inhibit complete cure.


  • Slows down in from drying and clogging in screen
  • Improves ink’s flow characteristics

Directions for Use

  1. Add up to 10% by weight into base ink.
  2. Stir in thoroughly for about a minute.
  3. Keep container sealed to prevent ink from drying and going bad.

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