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Emulsion Scoop Coater - 20 Inch

Dual Edge Emulsion Scoop Coater - 20 Inch


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Dual Edged Emulsion Scoop Coater - 20 Inch

This is the size we recommend for use with 25"x36" screens.

An essential tool for coating all direct liquid emulsions on screens. Scoop coaters apply a smooth, even coat of emulsion much better than a squeegee. Designed for easy grip, application, and cleanup. Our scoop coaters feature a dual sided coating edge; a sharp edge for thin coats on higher mesh screens, and a rounded edge for coating lower mesh screens or for coating heat transfers. These scoop coaters are also designed to sit upright while filled with emulsion to help avoid messy situations. Extruded from T6 aluminum this coater is easy to hold, very durable, and holds a good amount of emulsion for lengthy coating sessions.
*Be sure to remove the black protective cover from scoop coater before using!

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