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Franmar Chemicals - D-Greaser - GALLON

Franmar Chemicals - D-Greaser - GALLON

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Franmar Chemicals - D-Grease - GALLON

It's easy to see the benefits of using this degreaser made from distilled corn oil. Franmar D-Grease is a fast drying surface cleaner that is ideal for removing any left-over cleaning solvents from your screen. Rinses clean with hot or cold water, and because you can re-tape instantly, you're back into production right away.

Instructions for use

  1. Make sure all ink and emulsion has been removed from screen.
  2. Rinse screen on both sides with water.
  3. Apply 2 to 3 sprays of D-Grease on each side of screen.
  4. Scrub thoroughly with a scrub brush.
  5. Rinse screen with water until all suds are gone.
  6. Allow screen to dry in a clean area, preferably on a screen drying rack.

Product Details

  • Fast Acting
  • Non Toxic
  • Eco Friendly

Product Accessories
Scrub Brush Pad Only Empty Quart Bottle W/ Sprayer


Scrub Brush Replacement Pad Empty Quart Bottle W/ Sprayer

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