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Pre-Registration Template Transparency Poster
Pre-Registration Template Transparency


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Pre-Registration Template Transparency Poster

Our Pre-Registration Template is designed to save time and money during the setup and exposure process. We all know that film alignment is critical to screen printing, and this handy tool makes the task incredibly easy. Never again will you have to re-burn screens, shim presses, and waste hours of your time trying to force something to work, just because screens weren't exposed in alignment with each other or your press. The Pre-Registration Template Transparency is printed on clear film for easy backlighting or mounting on a board (preferably white).


  • Includes Easy to follow instructions printed on the template, so you'll never lose them!
  • Light weight and durable for long lasting performance and mobility
  • Translucent / Clear background
  • Works with all exposure units, light tables, or simply use it on a tabletop.
  • Cleanable Surface (Windex Only)
  • Specifically designed for 20x24" and 23x31" screens but will accommodate most screen sizes up to 25x36"
  • Standard 16x16"-18x24" Platen Sizes
  • Vertical Center Line for easy adjustment
  • Horizontal Lines for film height placement
  • Left and Right Pocket Print Guides
  • Virtual Screen Clamp
  • Edge Rulers
  • Grid System - unlike other templates available, our grid system accommodates those odd print locations and other non-standard print locations.

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